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Successful customer-centric business

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Successful customer-centric business

I guide entrepreneurs and institutions with the transformation to successful customer-centric business. I manage this by aligning CRM with Customer experience (Cx) for engaged employees and customers. The effect of this? A flexible organization where the employee and customer are central to all facets of the business. Depending on context and issue, the several pathways vary from total projects (from strategy to implementation) to subprojects (a masterclass, a selection of a CRM solution).

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My purpose

My interest in the fascinating world of customer-centric business arose when I was working as an employee. The impressive results you can achieve with a good strategy in the triptych of employees, customers and (CRM) technology. At the same time, I have experienced the major challenges to achieve success as well.

Based on these experiences, I decided to set up my own agency specialized in customer centricity in 2009. In my business I combine the disciplines of CRM and Cx to create a unique mix that is adapted to the context and issue specific to the company.

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My approach

In my business, I approach the disciplines of CRM and Cx in an integral way. CRM for the digitization of customer processes and Cx for the customer experience. I use an approach based on process, people and (CRM) technology; an approach by which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

This approach is central to my business

Whether it’s an integral transformation, a growth session or the selection of a CRM solution.

For example, a CRM (technology) system only delivers real value if:

  • the selection of the ideal, future proof, CRM solution (technology)
  • all channels are connected to CRM and all customer processes are conducted with CRM. (business processes)
  • there is a sufficient amount of attention to behavior and leadership (people).

A Cx strategy only delivers real value if:

  • the voice of the customer and employee are being worked with (people)
  • customer journeys are being worked with (business processes)
  • there is a sufficient amount of attention to CRM. (e.g., to the required customer insights) (technology).


The results depend on the context and issue. In general:

* With integrated transformation projects as the intended result: efficient (lower costs) and effective (better results and loyal employees & customers) customer-centric business. This in combination with a flexible organization with engaged employees and customers.

* With growth sessions as the intended result, the first step towards the transformation should be taken; awareness and clarity of the next best steps and actions.

* With the selection of CRM technology as the intended result: the selection of the ideal CRM platform and a clear vision of a successful implementation are of necessity. This vision is linked to technology, people, and business processes.

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    Successful customer-centric business

    Together with business partners and customers I have developed and implemented strategies and run consultancy trajectories in the field of CRM, Customer experience and customer centricity since October 1st, 2009.

    The experience I have gained together with the most recent trends and developments are translated in my management book, which was released in 2019.


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