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Je CRM in lijn met Customer experience (Cx) voor betrokken medewerkers en klanten.


Central to distinctive – customer-oriented – business is offering a unique, brand-related customer experience in every customer journey. In many B2B sectors, the product, the service offered and a low price no longer provide a long-term competitive advantage. The customer experience is what sets it apart! Customer-oriented entrepreneurship starts with a clear strategy. A strategy that touches on many facets. The link with the overall strategy, the design of the Customer experience strategy, the digitization of the processes with CRM, to name just a few things. And where to start? Edwinbest.nl offers an integral, Agile-driven approach based on the CXPA framework:

Distinctive and successful business with successful customer-oriented business: short-term benefits cost reduction and in the medium to long term benefits revenue improvements. A course in which the customer and employees are central to business operations. A course that starts with a clear strategy!

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  1. strategy and coherence
  2. explanation of the elements of a successful customer-oriented business strategy
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1. Strategy and cohesion

The image above shows the main building blocks of a successful strategy. In addition, not included in this picture, matters like Lean (process optimization) and Agile (flexible organization) play a major role at all levels.,

1.1. Customer Centric business strategie

Developing and implementing a CX strategy is not something that can be arranged in the short term, it requires often a (cultural) transformation. A CX strategy is, based on insights, a process of – continuously – implementing improvements. All this requires a long-term breath to arrive at “long-term money”:

Long term money


1.2. Link with the overall strategy

In order to establish at a sustainable strategy, the CX strategy must be linked to the overall strategy. Only then will the strategy be supported by everyone – sustainably – and will it contribute to achieving the overall objectives:

  • the basis, the link with the financial performance indicators of the overall strategy: the efficiency/cost savings and effectiveness/turnover targets
  • specifically, in addition to the financial performance indicators, the overall strategic objectives can be included for: markets, customers and employees. These objectives can in turn be linked to the specific objectives of customer-oriented entrepreneurship

2. Explanation of the building blocks

The heart of customer-oriented business, the Customer experience strategy. I use the CX framework of the CXPA (Customer experience professional association) for this, this framework has 5 pillars, see the image at the top of the page

2.1. Understand

What is the Voice of the Customer (VoC), the Voice of the Employee (VoE) and – depending on the situation – the Voice of the Processes (VoP).

Edwinbest.org starts “understanding” with Journey mapping and determine the approach for retrieving the sentiment per customer journey / per touchpoint. Quantitative research and / or qualitative research such as interviews with customers and / or customer panels. Edwinbest.nl also offers CX tooling for “Understanding”: VoC tools that are linked to CRM for transactional data (text to insights), visit reports, surveys, etc.

2.2. Experience

Providing the right, brand-related, experience through every moment of the customer journey.

Edwinbest.org offers strategy workshops, master classes in customer-oriented entrepreneurship and the use of technology as CX management platforms. But also process optimization and touchpoint optimization to provide the right experience.

2.3. Measure

Linked to the Experience, the design and implementation of customer satisfaction surveys. Which target groups to ask in what way and with what frequency? Questioning using which method (CET, NPS, CSAT)?

Edwinbest.org offers measurement workshops and the use of technology such as CX management platforms.

2.4. Innovate

What experiences do we want to offer, which customer service concept is appropriate for this?

Edwinbest.org offers Service design workshops, Journey mapping workshops and the use of technology as CX management platforms.


From a culture of “collaboration with the customer as a connecting perspective” through committed employees to committed customers.

Edwinbest.org offers business coaching, collaboration workshops, master classes in customer-oriented entrepreneurship and the use of technology as CX management platforms.


Edwinbest.org always offers a tailor-made approach linked to context and question. The starting point is involved organizational development, employees are involved in the process at an early stage.

The main steps are:

  • analysis | what is the explicit question, what lies below?
  • determine approach | generation and choice of solution.
  • communication solution | depict & communicate the solution to the stakeholders
  • introduction and implementation | implement the solution (participatively).
  • assurance | ensure the solution is sustainable

Depending on the competences of the staff, existing partners and employees are involved in the entire process where possible.

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Ik begeleid ondernemers met de transformatie naar succesvol klantgericht ondernemen. Dit doe ik door CRM in lijn met Customer experience (Cx) te brengen voor betrokken medewerkers en klanten. Het effect? Een flexibele organisatie waar de klant en medewerker centraal staan in alle facetten van de bedrijfsvoering. Afhankelijk van de context en vraagstelling variëren de trajecten van totaalprojecten (van strategie tot en met de implementatie) tot deelprojecten (een groeisessie, selectie van een CRM-oplossing).

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