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The economy evolves through the service economy to the experience economy. Nowadays, the customer – B2B, B2C, B2G, NGO – expects a combination of a product or service with a brand-related experience. The customer experience is increasingly becoming the distinguishing part of the decision-making process. Both for new business (via referrals) and for a renewal of an existing business (via experiences). But; How to manage the CX strategy and the different CX initiatives: the different journey mappings with their paint points, the VoC, the ROI and analytics. How develop the future state based on a Agile step by step approach. How can AI help with this initiatives? There comes a CX management platform in, Cemantica: A CX management platform which reflects the needs of the changing customer demands. Edwinbest.org is a proud global distributor of Cemantica. Read on!

CX management platform Cemantica

Cemantica – Cemantica>> – is a single – scalable – CX platform brought to you by CCXP professionals;
An end-to-end CX platform, from strategy via the execution through a continuous CX improvement process. Start with the help of  AI with defining the personas and journey mappings as a first step and then manage the improvements. Connect your VoC data directly in your maps. Analyse the results with the help of AI. And finally, open the ROI module to calculate the financial impact of your CX projects.


  1. Customer journey management
  2. The CXPA CX framework supported by Cemantica
  3. Approach Edwnbest.org
  4. More information

1. Customer journey management

Journey management

In practice, I often see that journey mapping is an one-off initiative. The current state of the customer journeys are mapped with areas for improvement. The first steps are being taken to determine the customer journeys in the future state. At the other hand, I see just of scope of implementing the future state. But, in both situations there is no continuity. There is no continuous CX improvement process. While the market is constantly changing. Developments with AI and new digital touchpoints are also occurring at breakneck speed. The result is a process of continuously – rapidly – changing expectations of customers and employees.

Cemantica offers the solution for this, a CX management platform that is designed based on the idea as depicted in the image above. With the support of AI, a continuous CX improvement process linked to the overall objectives.

Want to know more about journey mapping based on the double diamond? Breaking down the silos through journey mapping. Approach with double diamond>>

2. CXPA CX framework supported by Cemantica

The heart of customer-oriented business, the Customer experience strategy. In the picture above you see the CX framework of the CXPA (Customer Experience Professional Association). More information CX Strategy>>

This framework has 5 pillars, per pilar the translation with Cemantica.

2.1. Understand

What is the Voice of the Customer (VoC), the Voice of the Employee (VoE) and  – depending on the situation – the Voice of the Processes (VoP) and the Voice of the Business (VoB)?

“Understand” supported by CX management platform Cemantica

With Cemantica, create and manage with the help of AI your customer journey maps and personas. Set up the current state and build on a step by step Agile approach towards the future state of the different journeys. Analyze and view the different touchpoints along the journey; Which ones are the “moments of truth”, which one causes a bad experience and turn them in CX improvement initiatives. Identify customers and their sentiments with the help of AI along the journey.

2.2. Experience

Providing the right, brand-related, experience through every moment of the customer journey.

“Experience” supported by CX management platform Cemantica

This is where the Cemantica CX program module comes in. The translation of the CX and EX strategy into and with Cemantica as the basis for the personas, customer journeys, areas for improvement, (improvement) solutions and projects. Including the related CX strategy components brand promise, brand value and customer ambition. Finally, there is a CX assessment to determine the CX maturity with the status quo.

2.3. Measure

Linked to the Experience, the design and management of customer satisfaction surveys. Which target groups to ask in what way – solicited or unsolicited – and with what frequency? Questioning using which method (customer panels, interviews, CET, NPS, CSAT)? How to manage and interpret the outcome?

Measure” supported by CX management platform Cemantica

Integrate VoC data into the journey maps (CXPA framework pilar Understand). Once the customer journey mapping has taking place in the Cemantica platform, you can go one level deeper by integrating  the different VoC data into the journey maps (in real time.) To establish this there are more than 70 connectors available (for example different CRM vendors, Qualtrics)

Determine the quick wins and mid term wins.There are standard dashboards (PowerBI) available to analyze and share the CX performance

2.4. Innovate

What experiences do we want to offer, which customer service concept is appropriate for this?

Innovate” supported by CX management platform Cemantica

Here comes the Cemantica CX Program Management module in. After you mapped the customer journeys and analyzed the customer sentiment, address the CX improvement initiatives; Manage the initiatives with a Agile Scrum approach (with for example a Jira connector for the Jira Scrum backlog). Or  turn into a project plan including the related tasks. Based of the outcome and findings (CXPA framework pilar Measure and ROI), create with service design innovative service concepts and drive continuous (CX) improvement initiatives. Manage the ROI by sharing and measuring the financial impact of the initiatives.


A customer centric culture with the customers and employees in the heart of the business.

DNA” supported by CX management platform Cemantica

With Cemantica create awereness and commitment by means of the platform. For example awereness and commitment for breaking down silo thinking. Share and show the impact and results of the different CX initiatives.

3. Approach

edwinbest.org is a global distribution partner of Cemantica and is happy to think about your CX challenges. Edwinbest.org always offers a tailor-made approach linked to context of the CX challenge. 

The main steps are:

1. analysis:

  • what is the CX challenge?
  • what is current state of CX?
  • what are the CX management platform needs?
  • what CX tools are in place?

2. approach, for example:

  • a workshop to determine the needs and establish CX and journey management commitment
  • together with Cemantica, an interactive session and or an interactive demo 
  • a demo trail guide by edwinbest.org.

3. proposal

  • investment in Cemantica including the related services

3.1. Getting started! A CX analysis and CX workshop including journey mapping in one day

Edwinbest.nl offers a one-day CX workshop for an investment of EUR 950 excluding VAT:

  • Analysis of the current status and maturity of the CX strategy and CX culture in your organization
  • Interactive explanation of CX strategy based on the CXPA framework for your organization
  • Interactive journey mapping session with the Cemantica platform for your organization

3. More information

edwinbest.org is a global distribution partner of Cemantica and is happy to think about your CX challenges and how Cemantica can help you with them.

 Brochure journey management with Cemantica

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I guide entrepreneurs and institutions with the transformation to successful customer-centric business. I manage this by aligning tech (CRM, CX tools) with Customer experience (CX) for engaged employees and customers. The effect of this? A flexible organization where the employee and customer are central to all facets of the business. Depending on context and issue, the several pathways vary from total projects (from strategy to implementation) to subprojects (a masterclass, a selection of a tech solution).


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