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Nowadays, the customer  expects a combination of a product or service with a, brand-related, experience. In many sectors good products and services are no longer distinctive, you have the opportunity to purchase them wherever you like. The customer experience is increasingly becoming the distinguishing element, regarding both the decision-making and the renewal of products and services. Edwinbest.org offers an integral CX approach based on the CXPA CX framework:

Edwinbest.org CX services are grouped into:

  1. CX Strategy & CX Implementation
  2. CX Journey mapping
  3. CX Tools

1. CX Strategy

The economy evolves through the service economy to the experience economy. Nowadays, the customer – B2B, B2C, B2G – expects a combination of a product or service with a brand-related experience. The customer experience is increasingly becoming the distinguishing part of the decision-making process. Both for new business (referrals) and for a renewal of an existing business (experience). The Brand and People are focus elements within a Cx strategy, which come together in the “brand-worthy” behavior of a company. 

1.1. Get started with a CX strategy

cx strategyDrive distinctive and successful business with a clear CX strategy. The ‘purpose’ is central, what do we stand for?

A Cx strategy is tailor-made with a mix of activities linked to your own context and initial question. Drive distinctive and successful business with a clear CX strategy.

Edwinbest.org offers a tailor-made solution. The CX framework shown above is used as a starting point for this. Which parts should be tackled, what is the connection between the different pillars?

More information get started with a CX strategy>>


1.2. CX Strategy implementation?

Once the strategy is ready, the implementation phase follows. I use an integrated approach from an organization and technology point of view based on “People, Business Processes and Technology”. From an Agile perspective, the development and implementation of a CX strategy are not strictly separate successive phases. This is an interactive process for which I use the Scrum methodology.

More information Cx strategy implementation>>


2. Customer journey mapping and customer touchpoints

Customer experience requires an outside in approach. Thinking and acting “the Jobes to bed done”. What are the ‘pain and gain’ of a customer instead of thinking and acting in own products and services.

A business organized all around the various customer journeys instead of an internally oriented business with silos. A business where the physical and digital touchpoints are linked to customer journeys.

More information get started with customer journey’ mapping>>


3. CX and CRM Tools

Technology as a means to an end: the customer-oriented business challenge of. At the same time, technology is an inseparable means to the challenge. Connect the departments with a set of data with cross-departmental processes with CRM tooling for a 360 degree view. Analyzing the sentiments per touchpoint with VoC tools. With CX management platforms the entire process of VoC, measurement and improvement in support of the CX strategy.

3.1. CRM tools

Getting started with CRM? Issues with CRM selection, with the implementation of CRM? More information about CRM, see CRM section:

More information CRM Selection and CRM implementation>>

3.2. CX Journey management Tool

Getting started with Journey management. Not an – one-off-  journey mapping initiative, but a process of continuous Journey mapping improvement. Central to the approach is the CX strategy, per improvement initiative Cemanatica offers a clear ROI consideration.

For Journey management purposes Edwinbest.nl offers Cemantica, with Cemantica manage out the entire journey management process:

CX management



Edwinbest.org is worldwide Cemantica distribution partner, looking for more information?

More information about Cemantica>>

3.3. Voice of the Customer (VoC) Management Tools

VoC is the foundation of a Customer Experience (CX) strategy. At the same time the whole process of unlocking, analyzing and processing customer insights is a challenge. But when this challenge corresponds to large amounts of – real-time – customer insights? This is where Lumoa comes in! Lumoa is the solution for organizations that have more than 1,000 customer feedback per month and want to take action based on – real-time – VoC data.

Lumoa dashboard


Edwinbest.org is Lumoa partner, looking for more information about Lumoa?

More information about Lumoa>>

More information about CX Strategy?

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I guide entrepreneurs and institutions with the transformation to successful customer-centric business. I manage this by aligning CRM with Customer experience (Cx) for engaged employees and customers. The effect of this? A flexible organization where the employee and customer are central to all facets of the business. Depending on context and issue, the several pathways vary from total projects (from strategy to implementation) to subprojects (masterclass, selection of a CRM solution).


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