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The Voice of the Customer (VoC) is the foundation of CX. It has been a critical element of any organization’s approach to Customer Experience (CX) for many years. However, VoC presents challenges. On one hand, there’s the task of capturing VoC data from all customer data sources. On the other, there’s the need to drive continuous CX improvement with effective calls to action based on the captured VoC data. Additionally, there’s an influx of VoC data from rapidly increasing numbers and types of digital touchpoints nowadays.

This includes quantitative surveys (solicited feedback), behavioral data from customer interactions (unsolicited feedback), and operational customer data, among others. Thus, the entire process of capturing, analyzing, and processing customer insights is challenging. But what happens when this challenge is compounded by large volumes of real-time customer insights? This is where Lumoa steps in. Lumoa is the solution for organizations that receive more than 1,000 pieces of customer feedback per month and want to act on real-time VoC data. Read on!

Content outline

  1. relationship CX strategy and VoC
  2. voice of the Customer (VoC)
  3. Lumoa
  4. capturing, processing and act on – real time – VoC data with Lumoa
  5. more information

1. Relationship CX strategy and Voice of the Customer (VoC)?

From a business’ point-of-view, a CX strategy drives a distinct, successful business by increasing upselling, enhancing cross-selling, reducing churn, and improving the Net Promoter Score (NPS). VoC is the foundation of a CX strategy:

The above picture outlines the relationship between VoC data (1. Understand) and the other elements of a CX strategy, illustrating how they are interconnected. It emphasizes the importance of collecting VoC and taking action based on customer insights.

2. Voice of the Customer (VoC)

VoC, in short, is the process of capturing, processing, and acting on customer insights. It involves gathering insights about what customers are saying concerning the brand, services, and overall experience. With VoC, it bridges the gap between customer expectations and what the company delivers.

In the past, companies primarily relied on so-called “solicited feedback” such as surveys to understand the needs of the customer. Nowadays, the focus has now shifted to VoC that utilizes intelligent AI tools to facilitate both solicited and unsolicited insights in real-time.

What is unsolicited feedback? Customer interactions occur through various touchpoints such as website forms, email, chat, SMS, social media, and more. This provides a real-time goldmine of genuine customer of what the customer really feels!
The triad of unsolicited feedback, solicited feedback, and operational customer data forms the core of VoC programs:

• Unsolicited feedback provides real-time behavioral data from customer interactions.
• Solicited feedback is used for quantitative surveys.
• Operational CRM data encompasses marketing, sales, and service customer data.

3. Lumoa?

Most companies today use metrics such as NPS, CSAT, and online ratings to gauge their customers’ satisfaction. However, they often miss understanding the underlying actions or the “switches” that cause these numbers to fluctuate.

To identify these factors, companies must organize and manage feedback from all sources, sifting through vast amounts of real-time data. The objective is to discover insights, identify trends, and produce reports. Obviously, this can be too much. As a result, many companies end up making decisions based on gut feelings rather than accurate data.

So, how can this challenge be tackled? Lumoa offers the solution. With Lumoa, you can make informed decisions based on the right data and provides real-time insights in its dashboards.

Lumoa dashboard

Lumoa makes the whole process easy! It looks at any customer interaction, automates the analysis and highlights the items
with the biggest impact.

3.1. Lumoa’s approach in 3 ways

1. Unlock Every Source: Instead of focusing solely on one channel, Lumoa captures customer feedback from every source: surveys, phone calls, chat conversations, online reviews – essentially any source. This comprehensive approach allows you to understand what customers are saying at different stages of their journey, about various products, shops, or service lines. Everything is consolidated in one place.

2. Hybrid AI: Lumoa analyzes feedback using what’s termed as “hybrid AI.” This means Lumoa doesn’t merely provide generic information on sentiment or broad categories that require further interpretation. Instead, Lumoa delivers specific insights that has a deep impact on your metrics, and insights that are relevant and tailored to your business. So, you can immediately act on them!

3. Cost of Ownership: Lumoa doesn’t charge based on the number of licenses. Instead, Lumoa offers the flexibility to grant access to customer feedback to everyone in your organization. This enables the drive for real change! And this results not only effective management of VoC but also valuable insights on future steps to continue business growth.

These three approaches set Lumoa apart, making it truly unique!

4. Capturing, processing and act on VoC data with Lumoa

How Lumoa Can Assist:

Lumoa streamlines the process of managing customer feedback. It automatically collects, analyzes, and categorizes all open-ended text feedback. This includes survey responses, online/app reviews, and support conversations, whether they occur via chat, email, or phone.

From any source:


Source picture, Lumoa

How Lumoa Helps:

  • Brings together feedback from different sources into one unified view.
  • Analyzes feedback in 120+ languages.
  • Makes it easy to find relevant insights.
  • Facilitates sharing and ensures insights are accessible to relevant stakeholders; offers unlimited user licenses.
  • Is agile and easy to set up.
  • Provides enterprise-level data security and is GDPR-compliant.

5. More information


Lumoa demo video

Lumoa customer interview


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