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Masterclass succesful customer centric business

Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in line with Customer experience (Cx) for engaged employees and customers.


Of course you would like to succeed with succes in customer centric business! Would you like to know how to succeed? Would you like to be kept up to date about the latest progresses in CRM and Customer experience strategy? Then follow the Masterclass success in customer centric business!


This masterclass is provided by Edwin Best, expert in CRM and customer experience. His book, ‘Success in customer centricity. Your CRM in alignment with customer experience to engaged employees and customers’’ (only available in Dutch) is the guiding principle to the masterclass and is included in the price of the masterclass.

The masterclass is based on open registration, For incompany tailor mate. Contact>>

Succes in customer centric business

If you are interested in customer centricity, you will face two challenges.

1) It is of necessity to have the technology right (CRM and digitization).

2) you will need to integrate the right culture into the organization (people and leadership).

In practice, the technology – the CRM system – is often leading instead of supporting, while the customer experience is equally determined by the attitude of management and employees.

In the masterclass success in customer centricity, the several steps that lead to a successful combination of technology and customer experience will be explained. The form of the masterclass is action learning: learning by acting and experiencing. You will conclude the masterclass with a personal plan of action.


Masterclass customer centric business


In short:

  • You will learn everything about CRM and customer experience, and how they relate to each other.
  • You will gain knowledge about the latest developments: artificial intelligence, service design, digital transformation, SAFe Agile, Omnichannel CRM, customer journey, employee journey.
  • You will gain insight into the best practices with regard to success in customer centricity.
  • Your competence will increase.
  • You will meet colleagues from whom you can learn a lot.
  • You will design your personal plan of action to stimulate your business growth.

Location: an inspiring hotel centered in the middle of the Netherlands.

Practical information and registration

The masterclass will take place on Thursday and Friday in an inspiring hotel centered in the middle of the Netherlands. The masterclass starts on Thursday at 9:00 AM and ends on Friday at 4:00 PM. Dinner and overnight stay are included.

The total investment is €1,299-, all inclusive but excluding VAT. Food, drinks, and accommodation are included. Companies and entrepreneurs can enter the costs of a training or education as business costs. Due to financial obligations, €200-, will be refunded if canceled up to two weeks in advance.

The next masterclass is held October 8″ and 9″ 

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Open registration of incompany?

De masterclass is based on open registration. For incompany there is the tailor made masterclass Contact>>

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    I guide entrepreneurs and institutions with the transformation to successful customer-centric business. I manage this by aligning CRM with Customer experience (Cx) for engaged employees and customers. The effect of this? A flexible organization where the employee and customer are central to all facets of the business. Depending on context and issue, the several pathways vary from total projects (from strategy to implementation) to subprojects (a masterclass, a selection of a CRM solution).



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