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Customer centricity is always tailor-made with its own mix of measures. Customization related to the company specific context. Measures with a mix of CRM and Customer experience elements. How do you develop a strategy for customer centricity that is supported by the employees? To this end, Edwinbest.org uses Masterclasses. In addition, there are Growth Sessions, which are uses for short focused theme sessions.

The Masterclasses and Growth Sessions are based on action learning. The lessons learned can be applied in one’s own practice immediately. During the growth sessions, there will be worked alternately with theory and working out cases in an interactive manner.

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If you are interested in customer centricity, you will face two challenges. It is of necessity to have the technology right and you will need to integrate the right culture into the organization. In practice, the technology – the CRM system – is often leading instead of supporting, while the customer experience is equally determined by the attitude of management and employees.

In the masterclass success in customer centric business, the several steps that lead to a successful combination of technology and customer experience will be explained. The form of the masterclass is action learning: learning by acting and experiencing. You will conclude the masterclass with a personal plan of action.

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Masterclass  in company

Masterclass success in Customer centric business based on incompany is always custom-made. This masterclass focuses on organizational development from outside in customer point of view: taking the first steps with sustainable organizational development by creating movement and removing obstacles. At the same time, developing a CRM and Cx strategy with all departments in-house.

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Growth sessions

Fasterclass Customer centric business

Curious to know what is involved in customer centricity? In this fasterclass you will learn:

  • CRM developments including a selection process
  • Customer experience
  • various CRM and Cx strategies
  • relationship between CRM and Cx
  • factors to success and failure
  • working (SAFe) Agile
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Real life customer centricity. A tangible development in customer focus!

Real life customer centricity. Are we customer focused? – A question that comes to the mind of many entrepreneurs or institutions. Certainly, it is good to measure the extent to which a company or institution is customer-oriented. However, these types of research are most often fairly abstract and one-sided exercises. The solution? In a collaboration between Ver-Leiders (Post Surprising connections >>), a unique working method has been developed to aptly experience the degree of customer focus and to initiate the desired change.

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Customer centricity with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SugarCRM

Many training courses for CRM systems focus on the functional side, the ‘’working with’’. Edwinbest.org discusses both the organizational side of CRM – customer centricity, successful implementation – and the functional side.

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About EdwinBest.org

I guide entrepreneurs and institutions with the transformation to successful customer-centric business. I manage this by aligning CRM with Customer experience (Cx) for engaged employees and customers. The effect of this? A flexible organization where the employee and customer are central to all facets of the business. Depending on context and issue, the several pathways vary from total projects (from strategy to implementation) to subprojects (a masterclass, a selection of a CRM solution).



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    Together with business partners and customers I have developed and implemented strategies and run consultancy trajectories in the field of CRM, Customer experience and customer centricity since October 1st, 2009.

    The experience I have gained together with the most recent trends and developments are translated in my management book, which was released in 2019.


    Global Cx journey around the world

    April 1st 2022, the moment of celebrating my 12.5 years as an entrepreneur in the CRM & Cx business. To celebrate this and to inspire I have written together with 12 Cx consultants around the globe: Global Cx journey around the world