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Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in line with Customer experience (Cx) for engaged employees and customers.


My interest in the fascinating world of customer centricity arose when I was working as an employee. The impressive results you can achieve with a good strategy in the triptych of employees, customers and (CRM) technology. At the same time, I have experienced the major challenges to achieve success as well.

Based on these experiences, I decided to set up my own agency specialized in customer centricity in 2009. In my business I combine the disciplines of CRM and Cx to create a unique mix that is adapted to the context and question specific to the company.

Mission, vision and strategy


. It is my mission to make an active contribution to the field of customer centric business.


Integrated CRM CX OBM approachCustomer centricity is tailor-made with its own mix of measures, which are related to the context specific to the company. In the above picture including Organizational Behavior Management. 

Context. Developments in:

  • the internal organization, personnel and leadership style;
  • the customers and market;
  • the customer processes, customer information systems (CRM) and digitization
  • a customer-oriented culture, the ‘’behavior’’ of the company.

Measures. Linked to the context, customization with a mix of CRM and Customer experience:

1) CRM, the foundation. With a future-oriented CRM solution, from one central platform:

  • Processes. Digitizing and conducting customer processes.
  • Technology. Connecting all channels and touchpoints to the central CRM platform.
  • Information and measuring is knowing. Conducting all customer communication and customer information.
CRM benefits * effective (customer satisfaction, reputation), and efficient (cost savings) customer centricity * the platform for customer intelligence as a 360 degree customer view *

2) Customer experience (Cx). With Cx, the brand and culture are explicitly portrayed:

  • Outside in orientation. Central to trading is the ‘’pain’’ and ‘’gain’ of employees and customers. With every customer journey the – brand – experience with the various digital and physical touchpoints.
  • Customer and buyer journey. An organizational control which is linked to the Buyer and Customer journeys (instead of a ‘’vertical’’ control per silo or department).
  • Organizational collaboration. Cross-departmental collaboration with the customer as a connecting perspective.
Cx benefits *committed employees and customers* operational excellence * improvement of results *

Linked to the context, these measures can be expanded with, for example, SAFe Agile.


The concrete translation of the mission and vision:

  • Customer experience awards: ambassador, jury member, and chairman. Active contribution for:
  • Member of the Customer experience professionals association (meer info>>)
  • Active contribution in a variety in CRM, Cx and customer centricity initiatives and partnerships.
  • Providing lectures, workshops, and theme sessions
  • Conduct research, publish books and articles. Book succesful customer centric business>>
  • With a focused pallet of CRM & Cx services and Masterclasses, offer clear insight to entrepreneurs and institutions with concrete solutions to implement customer centricity.

Thema contribution, RTL 7 entrepreneurial matters:


Supported solutions

The introduction of Customer Relation Management and Customer experience often means the start of a new strategy and a new way of working (together). A strategy can only be successfully implemented if there is support from the people who will work with it. Therefore I make use of interactive workshops to encourage employees to actively participate in, for example, optimizing customer processes, determining the ideal CRM system or the new CRM and Cx strategy. Edwinbest.org is a flexible network organization with little overhead. Because of this, I am able to offer solutions for a friendly price.

The domestic market is the Netherlands (Edwinbest.nl). In addition, there is a worldwide orientation (Edwinbest.org). I have been able to provide CRM and Cx projects and initiatives in the United States, Belgium, Belgrade, Canada, Dubai, France, Sweden, and South Africa.

Brand values: curious, innovative, and energetic

Edwin Bet CRM en CxII would describe my personality as curious, innovative, and energetic. I constantly study the latest developments and possibilities of CRM, Customer experience, and Customer Centricity. To me, it is an exciting challenge to develop innovative, distinctive services and products for your business. I am well known to work towards the end result with energy, drive, and pace.

CRM ecosystem: connecting different areas of knowledge

For an optimal result it is crucial to connect the knowledge and skills of different professionals. This provides a solution that takes various aspects into account, such as technology, processes, integration with strategy and corporate culture. Contrary to a one-sided approach, this versatile approach offers you a more comprehensive solution. To this end, Edwinbest.nl maintains an active ecosystem. The following associates and cooperation partners are part of this CRM ecosystem:

  • Directie buddies (directiebuddies.nl)
  • Customer experience awards. https://internationalcxaward.com/
  • Associates:
  • Technology partners, a large ecosystem witht:
    • Implementation partners and CRM vendors of most common CRM solutions.
    • Marketing automation. Implementation partners and marketing automation providers of the most important marketing automation solutions


About EdwinBest.org

I guide entrepreneurs and institutions with the transformation to successful customer-centric business. I manage this by aligning CRM with Customer experience (Cx) for engaged employees and customers. The effect of this? A flexible organization where the employee and customer are central to all facets of the business. Depending on context and issue, the several pathways vary from total projects (from strategy to implementation) to subprojects (masterclass, selection of a CRM solution).


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    Together with business partners and customers I have developed and implemented strategies and run consultancy trajectories in the field of CRM, Customer experience and customer centricity since October 1st, 2009.

    The experience I have gained together with the most recent trends and developments are translated in my management book, which was released in 2019.


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    April 1st 2022, the moment of celebrating my 12.5 years as an entrepreneur in the CRM & Cx business. To celebrate this and to inspire I have written together with 12 Cx consultants around the globe: Global Cx journey around the world